"Weird" New Dinosaur Fossils Have Left Scientists Stunned


| LAST UPDATE 09/26/2021

By Sharon Renee
dinosaur fossils found africa
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Dinosaurs have long remained a mystery. But recently, a new puzzle regarding the extinct species has emerged after the discovery of ancient fossils. Here's why the unique remains have left researchers completely stunned.

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It all started when paleontologists at the Natural History Museum in London obtained fossils of the oldest Ankylosaur known to man. The researchers had purchased them for an undisclosed sum upon their discovery at a site in Morocco’s Middle Atlas mountains. Sure enough, the ancient remains were even more unique than they ever anticipated…

dinosaur fossils found morocco
Didier Dutheil/Sygma/ Getty Images

According to the study published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, the remains of the newly discovered animal had something never seen before: defensive spikes fused to the skeleton, a completely unprecedented feature in the animal kingdom. In fact, the discovery was so striking, scientists initially questioned the fossils' authenticity.

weird fossils found morocco
Jean-Marc Giboux/Liaison via Getty Images

Sure enough, though, upon further inspection, the remains were proven to be authentic - dating back roughly 168 million years ago. As part of the middle Jurassic period, the Ankylosaur dinosaurs are said to have been large, herbivorous animals who grew up to seven meters-long and roughly four tons. In this case, specifically, the skeleton marks the first Ankylosaur found in Africa.

“It’s totally, totally weird,” Dr. Susannah Maidment, a paleontologist from Londons’ Natural History Museum, explained of the study published on nature.com. “Normally, when we see armor in stegosaurus and ankylosaurs, the dermal armor is embedded in the skin, not attached to the skeleton. In this case, it’s not only in contact with the skeleton, it’s fused to the ribs.”

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unprecedented spikes dinosaur fossils
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But while scientists can't quite wrap their heads around the unprecedented finding, they are hopeful it'll help fill in the gaps of other puzzles. "We don't see this in any other extant (still living) or extinct vertebrate anywhere. It's a totally unprecedented morphology in the history of life on Earth,"  Dr. Maidment explained.

Stay tuned while this story develops.