Does Your Cat Love You? Here’s How You Can Tell


| LAST UPDATE 10/24/2022

By Amie Alfaro
Woman Hugging Her Cat
Linda Raymond via Getty Images

Do you own a cat and ever wonder if your feline companion loves you as much as you love them? Look no further. Here are some ways to tell how much your cat loves you.

The way they greet you is a telltale sign of how they feel about you. When their tails are in an upright position, this means it is a display of friendliness. It is the cat version of humans waving hi to each other. If their tail is in an upright question mark position, then that is also a good sign. It means they want to play. If your cat greets you by wrapping itself around your leg, then that is a sign of friendship. The ultimate display of trust is if a cat exposes its underbelly. But do not attempt petting their belly. It may end in you getting a scratch! Additionally, if a cat sings as it greets you, that is another sign it is happy to see you. What's more, if your cat gives you a head bump, you are probably its best friend. This gesture is reserved for a cat’s closest friends.

Cat Rubbing Against Leg
Chalabala via Getty Images
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Another way to tell how much they love you is by looking at how close they get to you. Cats are independent creatures who prefer their personal space, so if a cat allows you near, curls up on your lap, or gives you licks, they feel an extremely close bond with you. Also, notice how they look at you because this is yet another way to tell how much your cat loves you. When a cat is wary of its companions, they tend not to blink, staring at whoever is in front of them. So, the closer you are to your cat, the more it will blink. For them, blinking is a sign of trust and affection. Lastly, if your cat rubs its head or side against your leg, that means it is calling you a friend. Since cats have scent glands on their head, they enjoy rubbing themselves against endearing objects or people.

Pet owners love their animals, and while cats do not have the same reputation as man’s best friend, a.k.a. dogs, they are lovely and mysterious creatures. Scientists continue to learn more about them. Do you notice any of the aforementioned behaviors with your cat?

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