This Adorable Cat Won't Let Go of His Favorite Toy: An Empty Cinnamon Bottle


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

by Eliza Gray
TikTok Cinnamon Obsessed Cat
TikTok via @winston.naughtypaws

This adorable four-legged feline's name is Winston, and he's obsessed with cinnamon. Not eating it or smelling it, but cuddling with it. When his human mom, Emily Tan, was interviewed by The Dodo, she declared, "Since he is obsessed with food, and just eating in general, he will literally eat his toys, especially the soft ones."

Winston Cinnamon Obsessed Cat
TikTok via @winston.naughtypaws

But, when Winston met his treasured cinnamon bottle, it was love at first sight, and the toy destroying ceased. His parents had just finished the spice bottle that day and set it on the windowsill to be taken out with the recycling later on. But, when Winston saw it, he playfully knocked it into his box and it became his.

At first, Winston's parents were puzzled by his plastic bottle obsession. He spent hours cuddling with it, and when they took it away, Winston would protest immediately. "He has a very strong grab-and-pull reflex, so any time he's snuggling with the bottle, he is very resistant to it being taken away," Emily explained.

"He'll hug it to his chest with both of his arms," Tan continued. The cat-parents then explained that the cinnamon bottle is actually a safe toy for Winston to play with. Made of durable plastic, the cat wouldn't be able to reach his jaws around it. "Because of that, we haven't had to take [it] away from him," the cat-mom said.

Cinnamon Obsessed TikTok Cat
TikTok via @winston.naughtypaws

Emily and her partner have seemingly loved Winston's cinnamon obsession and have taken to TikTok to share the proof. The feline has racked up quite the fan base as his owners answer questions about the spice-loving cat and show real-life footage of Winton's stronghold on the small container.


Many TikTokers have commented question after question anywhere from how Winston mobilizes his toy to whether or not he likes other spices besides cinnamon. While Emily continued answering the questions, she revealed that Winston's obsession has been ongoing for "A few months now."

"[The cinnamon bottle] just kind of lives in his box, and he hugs it all day," Emily explained. While the green-eyed, white-bellied cat snuggles his treasure close, we, along with over 19K followers on Tan's TikTok, will be patiently waiting for the next video.