About us

Welcome to Discovery Time, a leading magazine founded in 2021 by IMGN Media.

  • Did you know that one species of jellyfish is immortal?
  • Did you know that there actually was a Jack Dawson on the Titanic?
  • Or how about the fact that the Eiffel Tower can be 15cm taller during the summer?

We love exploring facts and delivering them to you every chance we get! Our mission is to share relatable content to anyone interested in reading bizarre, fun, and mind-blowing topics whether it be historical events, scientific phenomena, hair-raising mysteries, inspirational animal stories, or viral universal stories from across the globe.

Our team of professional writers use unique angles and captivating storytelling techniques to ensure that anyone can enjoy and understand the information without actually needing to be experts in the field.

If you’re in the mood to feel like Sherlock Holmes, Steve Irwin, or Herodotus for just a few minutes of your day, then jump on board for a fun ride around the world, as well as back and forward in time.